LPMA forms may only be purchased by LPMA members and a 2018 Terms of Use Agreement must be signed.

LPMA Members may purchase the rights to use the LPMA forms including:

  • Terms & Conditions and Compatible Standard*
  • Rental Application
  • Assignment Agreement
  • Guarantee
  • Sublet Agreement

* The Government’s Standard Lease Agreement is included with Terms & Conditions and Compatible Standard to make one convenient file.

Steps to Purchasing Forms
1. Sign and Return 2018 Terms of Use Agreement  to Rebecca David
2. Order and pay for the forms. (See order form below)
3. LPMA will verify that you are an LPMA member in good standing and that a 2018 Terms of Use Agreement has been received.
4. The forms will be emailed to you via Hightail. Allow 1-3 business days for your order to be completed.

Instructions for 2018 Forms

Cost of Forms

Members with
1-10 Units
Members with
11+ Units
$149 $249
$199 $299
$299 $399

Please note that this is a one-time fee. As long as you are an LPMA member in good standing, you will be able to use the forms.

Printable Forms
The PDF Print format allows the Landlord to complete all of the information in the required forms using the fields and then print the forms for ink or pen‐on‐paper signatures by the Landlord and Applicant/Tenant/Guarantor, etc.

If this format and method is selected, the Landlord must ensure that they provide the Tenant with a copy of the signed Tenancy Agreement and Additional Terms within 21 days of it being signed in order to comply with the Residential Tenancies Act.

Electronic Forms
The PDF electronic format allows Landlords to complete all of the information in the required forms using the fields and then send them, via email, to the Tenant to be signed. On this format, there is a “complete form” button at the bottom. This button is only to be selected once the Landlord has entered all of the information into the forms. Once the “complete form” button is clicked on, the fields are locked so that a Tenant cannot change any of the information. The only fields left unlocked are fields the Tenant(s) needs to complete to sign the documents. Clicking the “complete form” button also prompts the user with a “save as” dialogue box; you must save the file with another name so that it does not overwrite the original and lock it.

Instructions for 2018 Forms


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