Easy Way

eMail : Robnunns@easyway.ca
Telephone : 519-536-0093

Use It, You’ll Love It, or We’ll Take It Back”
Want to end odor complaints from dumpsters, trash rooms, compactors, & cooking smells?
Want to reduce the slippery spots in entrance areas?
Have a renter that didn't clean the whole time they lived there? Call us for help before you demo the unit!!
We are more than just Cleaning Supplies, Janitorial Supplies, Matting, and Equipment!
Call a REAL person (not voice mail) at 1-800-265-9205 or 519-537-7711 Mon- Fri 8 AM – 5PM or contact Rob Nunns by phone at 519-536-0093 or by email robnunns@easyway.ca.