Alert Labs Inc.

Alert Labs, Inc. designs and builds water sensors that are on the cutting edge of property protection. Through real-time water use monitoring and early leak detection, landlords, property managers and residents have peace of mind knowing homes and multi-residential buildings are protected from water damage and high water bills.


Telephone : 877-769-2334

Contact Name : Darren Henry
LeadManaging (powered by National Efficiency Systems Inc.) is a 3rd party software system for the multifamily housing industry that empowers property management companies to capture, convert & visualize their residential leasing activities all in one place.

We provide integrated communication technologies for automating the entire leasing process while providing unbiased lead tracking metrics. Helping marketing, operations, leasing, and front line staff save time and accurately track all of their leasing initiatives.

Let your leasing staff do what they do best, and let LeadManaging automate the rest.

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